Spirited by Thalia (Community)
Spirited by Thalia (Community)
Thalia Longchamp

Welcome to Spirited by Thalia (Community)

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About Me

Hi everyone! Here’s a little about me :)

Firstly, I am born and raised in NYC!

I am also an empath, born shaman, and intuitive. I have extensive knowing of spiritual science which has been the intentional center of my focus over the past six years. Through experiencing intense psychic emergence, initiations by Spirit, guidance from my Haitian Taíno ancestors, and energetic phenomenons since early childhood, at age 24 I decided to give my life over to the Divine in order to be of service to the collective.

I have also always had an admiration for psychology and studied it in high school, then pursued a certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy later in my twenties.
Along with my Shamanic Reiki Master certification, I have helped bridge spiritual science with mental health for those who were awakening and seeing these two subjects as one entity. My private practice was born in 2019, and I’ve been able to continue to help illuminate and ground others’ ascension journey.

In living my purpose I have facilitated clients in becoming closer to themselves, Source, and their purpose, and I am dedicating the rest of my life to this journey of teaching Oneness.

Why You Should Join Me

“If you want to go far, go together”

Do you feel the call to deepen your awareness, deepen your relationship with your-self & your heart, and have a safe community to share, learn, and BE?
This is for you.

Gratitude & Honor

THANK YOU for being an essential part of this Tribe!

My hope with growing this community is not just to offer what I can, but for YOU to feel confident in discovering, embracing, and sharing YOUR unique medicine with the world as well.

Let this community be a space for you to explore and share your raw self.

It can feel like a very lonely journey when we ascend, awaken, and grow. 
Time to ourselves is necessary for us to really get quiet, tune in to Spirit, and listen. 
But, what we also really need, is connection. 
Connection with people who are going through it too, and being reminded that we are all in this together. That’s what this space is about- being a witness, and having others witness you, and with that- we blossom together.

I appreciate you, I see you, and I welcome you.


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